Microsoft Frontpage


Participants will learn how to structure pages by using tables, create forms for user interaction, add multimedia components, and work with advanced features such as cascading style sheets. This course meets the Microsoft Proficiency Guidelines for Microsoft FrontPage at the Expert level


FrontPage 98: Introduction (Windows 95) or equivalent knowledge

What should you be familiar with?

Session Length

1 Day, 9:00am to 4:30pm


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

          Creating a web
          Creating a web
          Organizing your web

          Using tables to enhance page design

          Designing a page by using tables
          Customizing a table

          Creating forms and connecting to databases

          Creating a form
          Inserting form fields
          Preparing information to be used by a database
          Connecting a web to a database
          Using the Image Composer and multimedia
          Introduction to the Image Composer
          Using multimedia in a web

          Advanced Topics

          Introduction to Dynamic HTML
          Using style sheets
          Using the Channel Definition Wizard
          Introduction to web security

Performance-based objectives
  • Use advanced features such as Navigation view, Shared Borders, and themes, to create a coherent and attractive web site
  • Structure a web page by using tables
  • Create a form on a web page
  • Add dynamic multimedia components to a web page
  • Enhance web pages by using Dynamic HTML, cascading style sheets, and by creating Channels

This course is not available on our public schedule, call us on 1800 456 002 or EMAIL to book this course

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