Adobe Illustrator


Participants will learn how to use advanced tools within Illustrator, manage colour, shapes and filters, apply advanced formatting to objects and text and use Illustrator to publish designs in multiple formats. This session also introduces Adobe Actions for automating tasks.


Illustrator 10: Introduction or equivalent experience

What should you be familiar with?

Session Length

1 Day, 9:00am to 4:30pm


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

Working with advanced type features
Using the Tab Ruler
Using advanced type features

Modifying images

Transforming objects
Using Pathfinder

Managing colours

Creating masks
Using the Liquify and Symbolism tools

Applying filters and effects

Understanding filters and effects
Using Colours filters
Using Distort filters
Using Pen & Ink filters
Applying effects
Working with raster images and envelopes
Using raster art
Using filters on raster images
Using envelopes

Saving, importing, and exporting files

Saving files in native formats
Importing files
Exporting to other file formats

Using Illustrator for the Web

Creating Hyperlinks
Saving files for the Web

Automating tasks

Recording and playing actions
Modifying actions

Performance-based objectives
  • Use the Tab Ruler palette, use smart punctuation, check spellings, find and replace text, link and unlink text blocks, and wrap text around an object.
  • Transform objects to modify their shape and colour attributes, use the Pathfinder buttons and commands to modify objects formed by the intersection of two or more objects, manage colours by applying blending modes and gradient meshes, create masks to hide and reveal areas of underlying artwork through specific shapes, and use the Liquify and Symbolism tools to modify images and work with symbols.
  • Discuss filters and effects, use the Colours filters to adjust, blend, and invert colours, use the Distort filters to pucker and bloat, roughen, scribble and tweak, and twist objects, use the Pen & Ink filters to apply hatch effects and create new hatch effects, convert shapes, add drop shadows, feather edges, and apply warp effects.
  • Convert vector graphics to raster images, modify the appearance of raster images, and create, edit, and remove envelopes.
  • Save files in EPS and PDF formats, link and embed images in Illustrator files, and export Illustrator files to other applications.
  • Create a hyperlink on an object in an artwork and save files for the Web.
  • Automate tasks by creating, recording, and playing actions, and modify actions by inserting nonrecordable commands, inserting stops, setting modal controls, excluding commands, and deleting actions.

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