IBM Lotus Domino 7 Administrator
Exploring the New Features of IBM Lotus Domino 7 Administration


This course introduces students to the new administration features in Notes/Domino 7.
Note: This course is based on the features and functionality in Domino Beta 4. Some of these features may not appear in the final version of the Domino 7.


The prerequisites for this course include Completion of the following Lotus Domino 6/6.5 courses:
Administering IBM Lotus Domino 6/6.5: Operating Fundamentals
Administering IBM Lotus Domino 6/6.5: Building the Infrastructure
Administering IBM Lotus Domino 6/6.5: Managing Servers and Users
or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience.

What should you be familiar with?

The target audience for this course is Experienced IBM Lotus Domino 6 administrators who require early exposure to new Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes 7 features that impact system administration, and who will be responsible for upgrading the Domino infrastructure to Lotus Domino and Notes 7.

Session Length

1 Day, 9:00am to 4:30pm


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

Installing and Setting Up IBM Lotus Domino 7 with IBM DB2
  • Installing and setting up a Lotus Domino 7 server and Notes 7 client
  • Configuring Domino to run with a DB2 data store

    Using Domino Domain Monitoring
  • Creating and configuring Domino Domain Monitoring probes
  • Using Domino Domain Monitoring

    Using the User Administration Enhancements
  • Managing users through new policies features
  • Automating client installation and upgrade (Smart Upgrade)
  • Modifying roaming user upgrade status
Using Messaging and Calendaring Enhancements
  • Allowing and blocking mail from specific domains using blacklist and whitelist filters
  • Setting up message disclaimers
  • Stopping the processing of a mail rule
  • Setting up the Rooms and Resources Manager

    Using the Server Administration Enhancements
  • Using administration scriptability
  • Troubleshooting using the Automatic Diagnostic Collection tool
  • Identifying other enhancements

Performance-based objectives
  • Install and Set-up Domino 7
  • Using Domino Domain Monitoring
  • Using User Administration Enhancements
  • Using Messaging and Calendaring Enhancements
  • Using Server Administration Enhancements

This course is not available on our public schedule, call us on 1800 456 002 or EMAIL to book this course

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