IBM Lotus Domino 8 Designer
Introduction to IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 XPages


Create a new XPage in an application
Create a custom control in an application
Bind a document in an application as a data source to an XPage
Utilize an @Function in an XPage
Set Client-side and Server-side validation both at server and application level
Given an XPages application that is exhibiting an issue with the display, troubleshoot and resolve the issue with the application


Experience using the Domino Designer client to build custom applications, including basic knowledge of "traditional" design elements such as views, forms, fields and using @Functions in an application
Experience configuring basic security for a Domino Server using the server document and/or
You should complete:
Fundamentals of the IBM Lotus Domino 8 Application Development course (D8510).

What should you be familiar with?

This is an intermediate course for experienced Lotus Domino application developers.

Session Length

2 Days, 9:00am to 4:30pm


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

This course focuses on the fundamentals needed to begin building applications using XPages, such as creating a new XPage, creating a custom control, binding an XPage to a document, using @Functions in an XPage, configuring server and client-side data validation, and troubleshooting issues when working with XPages.

The format of this workshop is hands-on training in a facilitated, self-paced format. This means that you will work through the hands-on exercises at your own pace. This is different from pure self-paced learning because a facilitator will work with you to assist you with any questions or problems that you may have, as well as validate your progress through the training to ensure that all critical learning objectives have been met.

By design, this training requires the learner to act as a technical troubleshooter. To get the most out of this training, expect to:

    • Complete the many hands-on exercises that mimic the real world and therefore require decision making and perhaps even some trial and error.
    • Encounter errors or other unexpected issues that further prepare you for your work with this product.
    • Apply (and further develop) your research skills and familiarity with the product documentation and other important information resources.

Performance-based objectives
  • This session introduces XPages to developers who are experienced working within the existing Domino application framework

This course is not available on our public schedule, call us on 1800 456 002 or EMAIL to book this course

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