Lotus Freelance Graphics
Level 1


Students will learn about a variety of charts and about the various screen show effects that can be added to presentations.Students will learn how to create presentations containing text, bar and pie charts, organization and table charts, and how to change screen show effects in their presentations.


Basic operating system commands,

What should you be familiar with?

Session Length

1 Day, 9:00am to 4:30pm


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

    Performance-based objectives
    • Become familiar with the Freelance Graphics environment.
    • Learn the basics of creating a new presentation.
    • Work with bullet lists.
    • Create organization and table charts.
    • Create bar and pie charts.
    • Use the drawing tools to create and annotate presentation pages.
    • Enhance presentations by adding animation and changing the transitions between the pages of a screen show.
    • Use tools to rehearse a presentation.
    • Import data into a presentation.

    This course is not available on our public schedule, call us on 1800 456 002 or EMAIL to book this course

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