Lotus Organiser


Participants will learn the basic skills necessary to use Lotus Organiser to schedule appointments, keep track of contacts and phone calls, and manage tasks.


Windows (95/98/NT 4) introduction, or equivalent knowledge.

What should you be familiar with?

Session Length

1 Day, 9:00am to 4:30pm


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

          Introduction to Organizer and the Calendar
          Orientation to Organizer
          Creating appointments
          Creating repeating appointments
          Editing appointments

          Using group scheduling

          Scheduling meetings
          Replying to meeting invitations
          Tracking meeting invitations
          Editing meetings
          Working with schedule conflicts

          Managing the Address section

          Creating address entries
          Viewing and editing records
          Searching for records

          Scheduling events

          Using the Planner
          Adding an anniversary
          Using the To Do section
          Creating tasks
          Editing tasks
          Using view options
          Linking information

          Managing calls

          Logging phone calls
          Editing and viewing calls
          Using the Calls section with other Organizer sections
          Dialing a call through Organizer

          Using the Notepad section

          Adding Notepad pages
          Editing and viewing pages
          Embedding objects

          Working in a networked environment

          Using TeamMail
          Using the combined calendar


          Customizing Organizer
          Preparing to use the Internet

This course is not available on our public schedule, call us on 1800 456 002 or EMAIL to book this course

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