Microsoft Windows 2000
New Features


Students will learn about new and improved features of Windows 2000. Students will learn how to get started in the secure Windows 2000 environment, how to take advantage of usability improvements, how to use My Network Places and the Active Directory, and how to manage and administer the workstation. In general, they will learn how to apply their knowledge of Windows 98 in order to use Windows 2000 efficiently


Windows NT4: Introduction, Windows 98: Introduction, or Windows 98: Transition from Windows 95, or equivalent knowledge

What should you be familiar with?

Session Length

Half One day


This session is conducted either on site, or at our training rooms.

Topics Covered in this session

          Getting Started
          Introducing Windows 2000
          Logging On to Your Workstation
          Supervising Your Work Session

          User Interface Changes
          Exploring the Desktop
          Getting to Work
          Using the Network and the Active Directory
          My Network Places
          The Active Directory
          Working Remotely

          Managing and Administering the Workstation
          Microsoft Management Console
          Control Panel

Performance-based objectives
  • Describe the differences between Windows 95/98/NT4 and Windows 2000; log on to Windows 2000; and shut down and restart the operating system.
  • Identify changes to the Windows 2000 user interface, including those on the desktop, the taskbar, the Start menu, and within Windows Explorer; and identify new features such as the Search feature, the Help feature, and Windows 2000 programs.
  • Use My Network Places to browse the network and view connections; use the Active Directory to browse and search shared folders; activate the Offline Files feature, make changes to a file, and then synchronize the copies on the domain and your computer.
  • Manage and administer the workstation by using the Microsoft Management Console, new features of the Control Panel, and the NTFS file system used in Windows 2000

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