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Information of general interest to our clients is posted in this section of our web-site. From the news and events page you have access to the following:

Our Latest TIPS (Training Information and Public Schedule) newsletter is published 6 times a year. TIPS contains articles of general interest, training news and developments, as well as those handy "Teaching Tips" that we include in all of our classroom courses. TIPS also includes the public schedule for our classroom sessions.

DownloadsFrom our downloads page you can access the utilities and files we recommend during our training sessions. These include files that provide additional functionality to your favourite software as well as those "fun" downloads like "new mail" sounds.

Tech TipsiTeam publishes tips on how to get the best out of your software. Visit this section often to read all about those handy shortcuts that make using computer software.

LinksWe use a number of Internet web-sites during our training courses that provide useful information not only for computer software, but in a number of interest categories.


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