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vCal logovCalendar: The Basis for Cross-Platform Scheduling

vCalendar (.vcs) is an internet standard that allows the sharing of calendar information via a standard file.

According to IMC (, vCal is defined as...

"vCalendar defines a transport and platform-independent format for exchanging calendaring and scheduling information in an easy, automated, and consistent manner. It captures information about event and "to-do" items that are normally used by applications such as a personal information managers (PIMs) and group schedulers. Programs that use vCalendar can exchange important data about events so that you can schedule meetings with anyone who has a vCalendar-aware program."

When you book into a course at iTeam, we automatically email you the information about your course booking. Attached to you confirmation email will also be a file with a ".VCS" extension.

Once you save the attachment to a disk drive, the .vcs file can then be imported into any vCal compliant calendar system. Examples include Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

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